Seattle Firefighters Pipes and Drums is a Band dedicated to honoring our Fallen. Membership is comprised of Active, and Retired, Firefighters of the Seattle Fire Department.

Our Core Values are proudly displayed publicly, in Gaelic Verse  ” Braithreachas, Onoir, Traidisiun ” which translates to “Brotherhood, Honor, Tradition”.


The Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums is always looking for new members. All current and retired Seattle firefighters,that have a real desire to honor our fallen police and firefighters by learning the bagpipes or drums, are encouraged to join the SFP&D. So,how can you join?

The Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums will occasionally (every few years) hold open training sessions for all individuals interested in learning. We provide lessons in a group setting while you provide the instrument, time and fees. Success is based completely on the individual and their commitment to learn the material presented. If someone practices 30 minutes everyday, and attends at least 3 practices/lessons a month, it will take the average individual about 1 year to become proficient enough to perform with the band. After that level is reached, the individual must pass a solo audition, including basic deportment, to become a member. Once membership is attained, a minimum 50% attendance of the weekly practices is required. Of those that start, only around 20% stick with it.

Due to the low success rate of these training sessions, and high resource demand, they may become even less frequent. At this point, the band encourages interested individuals to either contact a current band member for information on private lessons or find a local civilian pipe band to learn from. Any current or retired Seattle firefighter that can already play the bagpipes or drums up to Scottish Regimental standards is welcome to join the band, subject to passing auditions and maintaining practice requirements. Although this sounds daunting, it can be done, as evidenced by the 25 current members.

Please keep in mind that membership in the band is fully voluntary, and although members are occasionally backfilled for funerals, memorials and the like, no compensation should be expected. The band is a big commitment but is truly worth the hard work, sacrifice and costs. If you have the desire to honor our fallen police officer and firefighters by being a member of the Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums, we’d love to have you!